Egggore / Pharmacist

I`m holding in my hands a brand new split with two interesting bands. Yes, Pharmacist is well known now but Egggore is not (so it will be nice to show you these guys). Both bands are very different and that makes this CD even better. From one side we have groovy goregrind, from the other old death grind. Also I want you to look closely at this cover art. This sick stuff was created by gore master Pierre (Blue Holocaust/BrainDead zine). Super pathological and crazy-looking work that fits this split for all 100%!

Let’s start with the Czech band Egggore. This music has all attributes of Czech grind school. A deep and low sound, groove, and madness. A great mix of fast and middle tempo structures. The guitar pleasantly heavy, the same I can say about the bass. The vocal is distorted but not extremely (like LDOH), frontmans (yes there are two free vocalists) also used a lot of guttural approaches. Drums are sampled, but they sound nice. All this mess reminds me Rubufaso Mukufo, which is great!

The Japanese side of this release belongs to Pharmacist. Guys use only 3 songs for this split, but wait until you heard them. Raw, old-fashioned, and full of hate. I think the most outstanding part of these songs it`s work with the riffs. Try to listen to the guitar a bit closer and you will find a lot of bright and different riffs. The vocal is good as usual, but this time it sounds like from old death metal tape, haha! Drums are good too, I believe they are sampled too, but the result is badass! So if you`re looking for good gore metal, try this band!

Rating: 8/10  Egggore bc     Pharmacist bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the bands!

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