Unrested – Dosis De Realidad

Unrested is a new grind band from Spain. But this not a usual newcomers, this squad consists of musicians from Convulsions, Denak, and Tu Carne. So as you can see these guys know how to make us happy, ha!
The cover art of this LP is based on an old movie “Clockwork Orange” (at least the main character), the image looks unprofessional, and I find this moment very cool. This band has a very strong DIY spirit in design and music, which I really like.

Like the other grindcore bands from Spain Unrested is very emotional. But also guys blast with amazing power and energy. The guitar and bass have a pleasant buzzing sound. Vocal is freaking killer, savage roars and screams are the best! I can’t avoid writing about the drums. They are old-fashioned, with good farting sound and loud cymbals. There is 1 interesting fact, our heroes are big fans of Agathocles. They played not 1 cover but 3! Hahaha! Amazing material, so bone-crushing songs… but I found one not so cool thing. It`s a sound level, the vinyl sound not so bright and loud, a lot of details are lost, but the CD sound almost the same… not sure why guys recorded everything like that. But anyway I still like this record, and if you`re looking for good grind tunes, this album is simply must-have!

Rating: 8/10    Unrested fb    Unrested bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels!

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