Pilori – À Nos Morts

Today I want to talk about the first album of young but promising band Pilori. This is not usual music, at least for me. Guys are mixing a lot of things in their music, I won’t say that this is typical grindcore or hardcore or something else, but this buzzing monster is interesting, brutal, and worth attention. “À Nos Morts” has gloomy modern art, this drawing can describe the music of Pilori, but just a little. So let’s play this record, and the first song is “Que la Bête Meure“…

This is a decent mix of metal, modern hardcore, and crust. This stuff has a very dark atmosphere. Dissonant guitar sound brings a drop of chaos into this mess. The guys made good work with vocals, these screams sound very cool and deep. Same with the sound and production. I noticed that there are a lot of “black metal parts” that twist into d-beat… an interesting decision. These French maniacs didn’t create just a wall of noise with some break downs, there are a lot of melodies, for example, the end of the “Poursuite du Vent” song or the opening from “À Nos Morts“. In my taste, there is one negative it`s the sound of the bass drum. The drummer use triggers, so the sound is very plastic and dry. I prefer the old farting sound of drums, but it`s only my opinion. Funny fact, guys kept most of the crust songs for the end, so this album ends with and high metal punk note!)
Of course, I won’t lie, this kind of noise is not my cup of tea, and I won’t listen to it all day long, but I tried to show you all sides of this album. And I believe you will like this LP too!

Rating: 7.5/10    Pilori bc    Pilori fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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