Стабильность – S/T

The cold winter of 2021 brings us a debut EP from a new Russian grindcore band Стабильность (Stability). This trio is based in Smolensk city, and these guys are really into old-school grindcore. As almost all grindcore bands Стабильность is paying social-oriented music. I meant their songs are full of hate and protest. Just look at this cover art and you will understand everything. By the way, this image is very actual for all post-soviet countries.

As I said before, all 8 tracks are full of hate and aggression. In a purpose to dig these tunes, I listened to this material a few times in a row. Must say that I really feel and hear influences from Agathocles, Napalm Death, and Terroriser, and that is pretty cool.
This EP starts with a long instrumental intro, there are no samples from the movies or something like that, guys created this intro by themself, which is nice. With the self-titled song, Стабильность showed us everything that they got. This is really strong and raw grindcore. I love the raw production of this material, and this not a perfect sound. The loud sound of the bass guitar is the mainline here. Screams, guitar, and farting (in a good way of course) blast beats are the second deal. Also, this material has a nice balance, it has something from punk and metal genres.
I won`t lie, this is not the best grind release of the year, BUT, this noise is worse for attention. If you’re (like me) love to discover new bands, then give a chance to Стабильность!

Rating: 7.5/10    Стабильность bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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