Dropdead – Live At Occii

To be honest live records are not my favorite, mostly because of the quality, but there are always exceptions. Today I want to play great live stuff of legendary Dropdead! This material was recorded at a secret gig in Amsterdam (back in 2016). This release has a pretty simple design, you can see the photo of the vocalist (Bob Otis) as the main cover, plus there is a songs list, and that`s all. Nothing much, but do we need more?

I won`t say that this is the best live recording that I heard, it`s a bit messy but on the other hand, this stuff is super powerful. I love how Bob used pauses between songs to say his messages to the people. Words about unity, fight back, animal protection, and many other important things. Musically, hmm, musically all songs sound very noisy, the guitar is cluttered with the bass (for example), but that’s not necessary. The live energy of this gig is freaking amazing! Guys are playing with ferrous aggression… I bet that fans were moshing there like crazy, haha! Dropdead showed their brand power that night and even now this session sounds badass!
If you`re looking for a record with honest and cool life energy, if you want to feel the atmosphere of the real crazy hardcore gig then this tape is for you!

Rating: 8/10  Dropdead official site   Dropdead fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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