Inhumate (16.05.21)

Hi Fred, my sincere congratulations with a new album! Finally, it`s happened. Could you give us more info about this last LP?

You’re right when you say this last LP, because if it’s the last we recorded, it’s also the last we will record.This album is Inhumate seventh and last one. We started an heptalogy (seven album concept) back in 1996 and now, with « Eternal Life » we’re ending it. And I think we don’t stop with a slower stupidly sounding doom album. We tried to end with the most bestail thing we could do.

I was lucky to hear the whole album and I was totally smashed by its energy. I but I also noticed that you didn’t create a primitive straight grind, you used a lot of different additional sounds, riffs, and noises. So I`m really curious about the making process, you spend a lot of time on it, right?

I think we always wanted to be out of the usual way of riffing / sounding. We’re not clones of Nasum or Napalm Death and in the same way, we’re more metalheads than punks. So I think that your feeling is coming from that bizarre mix ah ah ah

So this is the last album of Inhumate, could you tell us the story of this concept, I mean the story in 7 full-lengths?

Yes, that’s it. We started in 1996 with an album called « Internal Life ». And then we decided to build a kind of concept which should be base on the line of life. Following albums were « Ex-Pulsion » (1997), « Growth » (2000), « Life » (2004), « The Fifth Season » (2009), « Expulsed » (2013) and finally « Eternal Life » (2021). So, in 25 years we wrote the story of Inhumate itself through this concept. In 1996 we were absolutely not sure to make this complete, but now we’re fucking proud of it. Inhumate discographic career was written and has been done. Now we won’t release any new album anymore. But we will still make some shows and with stop the band in a couple of years. We know this seems very strange to many people, but we prefer to end neatly rather than getting too old to play this extreme music and « evoluting » to low tempo bullshit….

Why do you release it on your own label? That is personal or?

Yes, we created our own label Grind your Soul in 1995. And we realeased all our album + some other stuffs on it. Why ? Just because we always wanted to be toatlly free of what we were doing. This freedom made us able to release what we wanted when we wanted and to get all the earnings of it. The other side of the medal is that we had to work very hard for it. But finally history shows that we were right from the beginning. I know so many bands who are unsatisfied with their label, who can’t release the albus when they want it because the label has some other priorities, etc… any bands are now trying to self produce themselves, aren’t they ? The last advantage we ha dis that it allowed us to be also free of what we wanted to say ! That’s what we call the real DIY underground ! No compromission never with nobody!

What is your favorite album of this hellish 7, and why?

Of course the last one « Eternal Life ». Could you imagine me to answer you the first one ah ah ah Why? Just because I think it’s the most wild and brutal. Sounding like the swansong (not Carcass’ one…) of Inhumate! Inhumate sickness is now eternal whatever our detractors may think!

Let’s talk about the gigs/festivals. With what unusual/not extreme genre band did you share a stage? And what impression did you get?

It’s a long time we share the stage with non extreme bands. To be honest we’re very tolerant about that. Everyone is free to play the music they want. As long as we can play what we want, we don’t really care about othe rbands, and especially is they play « soft » music.

We all know how Christophe love to beat his forehead with a microphone, but maybe there was a show when he hit himself too hard and passed out?)

Ah ah ah no, it never happened. His skin and bones must be turning to steel and he must be a real « metalhead » because he is bleeding less than before. Incredible but true!

That`s all, thank you so much for this talk, hope to hang out with you soon!

Thanx a lot to you Alex for this interview and long live Good Guys Go Grind! I feel real underground supporters through this website! You deserve endless support!

Contacts:  facebook    bandcamp

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