Heinous / SxOxTxEx

Just few days ago I heard that Hungarian barbarians SxOxTxEx splitted up… That damn sad news, but that shit pushed me to write this review. So I want to dedicate this small write up too these crazy fuckers! Oridginaly this material was released in the US in 10″, but I will cover the UE version, which was pressed in 12″ format. Heinous didn`t changed their artwork for it, but SxOxTxEx did. Must say this new art is way better than old one. But let`s be shorter and put this record on!

We all know what caused the end of Heinous, and I don`t want to talk about it… let`s focus on their music, because it still deserve our attention. Here are 7 fast and super killer songs that will smash your guts! Great heavy sound, juicy guitar tone and huge charge of energy! This stuff is a bloody ripper! I love how guys mixed old grindcore with gore, they also added a small drop of death metal. I want to highlight vocals too… clean screams perfectly works with pitch shifted growl. Each instrument perfectly matches each other… and result is fucking amazing!

SxOxTxEx side is raw and very aggressive. The main point of this record not the production but the emotions, dark and furious emotions. If somebody will say that this noise is supper messy, I will, probably, agree… But I still love it! It hard to caught the riffs, but they still produce crazy energy. Also I love how these drums sounds, they are raw but very honest… sometime blast beats is cluttered by guitar, sometime with the vocal. This work can’t be names as properly recorded and produced, that’s true… but just try to feel the enger inside ther music and I bet you will love it like me!

Rating: 8.5/10  Heinous bc      SxOxTxEx bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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