Odio / Stevo Žigon

For today’s review, I have 1 small and noise tape with Odio from Mexico and Stevo Žigon from Serbia. The bands are playing different music and that what makes this split interesting. This tape has a pretty usual design as for the grindcore genre, but that doesn’t mean that this art suck. I simply saw too much similar covers, haha!)
Let’s begin with Odio. I never heard about these guys, and I was surprised by their noise. This is a raw, heavy, and ugly child of grindcore, sludge, and hardcore. Messy sound, atmospheric slow part, and fast blast beats. Some riffs are extremely deep, the super low sound of the bass guitar is the best thing in this session. There a lot of things to work on (like production, sound, and so on) but this is not the worst material that heard.

This is not the first time when I listen to Stevo Žigon, but I still have the same question “wtf is going on with that guitar tone and sound?”. Guys still playing raw punk with some powerviolence elements, this record is more focusing on female vocal. Actually, I like how these screams sound. But everything still sounds very amateurish and chaotic, but this is Stevo Žigon`s style, you can hate it or love it. I can`t say that this is my cup of tea, this kind of music is a bit annoying, but I think there are some people that will love this stuff!

Rating: Odio 7/10     Stevo Žigon 5/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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