Märesvin / Swarm

Danish grindcore scene is still a dark forest for me, of course, I know few bands, but there are more undiscovered squads. This old split will help me with this problem (at least I hope so).
The first band of this split is from Copenhagen. Märesvin are mixing fastcore, grindcore, powerviolence, and thrash into one melting and disgusting noise! It`s interesting listening to such weird but cool music. Thrash parts mutated in hardcore, then blast beats transform everything into supper aggressive mass. That combination could change in any order, guys really surprised me, haha! Also, this record is full of cheerful energy, so if you in a bad mood Märesvin will kick negative shit from your head!

Swarm are the second guys and they are from Aarhus city. Unfortunately, this is their first and last recording. Must say it’s a bit sad because these fuckers managed to create something bloody good. Evil, fast and atmospheric (especially in the end) this grindcore has all the main ingredients and it also has live energy. Talking about the end of this side, it has some perverted dystopia doom taste, slow but still aggressive, dark and deep… it`s simply the perfect ending for this noise journey!

Rating: Märesvin: 7.5/10    Swarm: 8/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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