The Mild – Old Man

Hmm, I think I got the debut tape of this Italian trio about 5 years ago (or so) since that time guys released an album and 1 EP. So today I`m going to talk about that last work – “Old Man”. The format is 7″ and it contains 6 tracks… Speaking about the debut tape, I remember that I didn`t like their first work, but the guys didn`t give up, they worked hard… they have grown and the last material sounds much interesting.
For the art guys chose a zombi theme, unusual but I like the result. Can`t say that this is something fresh and unique but fuck it)

It`s hard to identify all ingredients of this work… guys use a lot of subgenres. The core of this chaos is hardcore crossover and crust. But there are some metal parts (the intro of Light Beam sounds almost like black metal), grindcore, and many more. As I understand, guys love different music and they tried to use their tastes in the Mild. What can I say, they managed to do that (well yes there are few weird upstanding moments but that fine). This EP also has good production with a nice sound and solid aggressive energy.
I won`t say that this is something for daily listening (I`m talking for myself), but this record is worth attention.

Rating: 7.5/10    The Mild bc     The Mild fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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