Carbonized Innocents – Demo 2020

I may be late with this release but, I believe more of you need to listen to this demo. So we have here a 2 man project, Michele (guitar and vocal) is from Italy and Max (drums, bass and vox too) is from the USA. Obviously, it`s a virtual band, and it hard to run work this way, but the guys managed to create really decent material. The debut demo contains only 6 songs, but these tracks are bloody good.  As far as I remember this tuff was released by Acid Redux Productions (CDr) and Bloody Scythe Records (cassette), so if you need a copy you always can get in touch with these guys or if you live in Europe get in touch with the band.

The music of Carbonized Innocents reminded me Excruciating Terror (even the cover art has a very close design/photo) and some other old grind bands. It`s been a while since I heard something this wild and loud. Perfect energy, it’s pumping and heavy… it literary smashing you during the listening, haha! Great savage vocal, and interesting old fashion sound. The guitars and the bass are not too loud, but I really like how they sound. The farting vibrations of the drums are awesome! Love these blast beats too… Guys simply made a true and old-school record. So if you`re in love with Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Rot, Excruciating Terror, or Extreme Noise Terror this is your thing!

Rating: 8.5/10  Carbonized Innocents bc

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