Violent Opposition / Prepare For The Mindscan

The USA grindcore scene is huge and nice, and it`s hard to cover/listen to all bands from that land… so I`m very grateful when the labels (or even bands themselves) help me with that. Today we have a cool split with Violent Opposition from Oakland (CA) and Prepare For The Mindscan from Buffalo (NY). All of them love to make grindcore, but they’re doing it in their own ways. Also, this 7″ has not the worst cover arts, especially I love V.O. side, this insect looks creepy and badass!
Let`s roll in order and start with Oakland guys!

We have here an interesting mix of blasting grindcore and hardcore-punk. What can I say? It`s definitely “groovy” (c)! Nice sound, simple but catchy songs, good speed, and energy. Violent Opposition are using few kinds of vocal, growl, and screams… nothing unusual, but this combination works well. Can`t say that the bass is the strongest side of this record, but still help to make the sound sounds heavier. This is great music for the home mosh party, haha!

Music of Prepare For The Mindscan sounds more violent. Fast and furious, primitive and pumping. Also, I found a lot of hardcore in this chaos, with is cool. Songs are wild and straight but on the other hand, they have some groove. The guitars sound good, and I especially love that one-string solo in the “Miniature Cube Drone Attack!” song. Same as V.O. guys didn`t invent anything new in the genre but this music is sick and worth of your time!

Rating: 7.5/10  Violent Opposition bcPrepare For The Mindscan bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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