Meth Leppard/ Infanticide

This year sucks, we`re all in a difficult situation now with all this virus stuff. But, I feel that 2021 will became a very reach with great records. We already have a lot of badass stuff and today I want to talk about another solid piece of grind. Today we`re going to listen to Meth Leppard/ Infanticide split EP.
As you all know Australia is full of great bands and Meth Leppard is one of these. Guys always stayed on the line of their own style, and this recording session is not an exception. Guys simply toasted my mind with their brand, pumping grindcore. Fast riffs with the heavy guitar tone, loud and pissed-off vocal. Top-notch blast beat section and powerful sound… This is bloody good shit with aggressive energy within! MT did it again, haha!

It`s very unbelievably cool to see new stuff from Swedish Infanticide, it`s been a while since their last release. Well, this is not exactly a fresh jam, these are just unreleased songs, but fuck it, this material is dope! Decent sound, great guitar work… few kinds of vocal, dreadful blast beats, and endless grind pressure! This material has all best attributed of the famous Swedish style of the grindcore.

It`s early to say, but I sure that this split will be in the top 10 grind releases of this year! If you still didn’t listen to this 7″ then go and listen!

Rating: 9/10  Meth Leppard bc     Infanticide bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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