Grog / Namek

What do you know about the Portuguese grind scene? I bet not much, same as I, but this split must correct our ignorance. Both bands are pretty old, Grog started to grind at the beginning of 90th, Namek started their way in 1998. So as you can see we have here pretty experienced people…
The cover art of this record is freaking amazing. The idea to combine old horror creatures with dictators… that is interesting and fresh. And of course, this art looks badass! But what is inside?

Guys of the Grog start this madness. First of all, I want to highlight the sound, it’s decent and heavy. Good riffs, and guitar tone, I extremely like these few tiny solos and solid bass sound. Crazy vocal line and tons of energy! This is a really nice job, the only thing that I found not so tasty it`s a few moments with a double beat pedal (especially in the last song), its sound reminds me of cheap power metal… but that was the only negative thing for me.

Namek side is wild too. The sound is a bit messy but I love it. After long pause guys managed to create bloody good shit! Furious vocal, extremely low bass sound, and nice guitars. The drums sound very old fashion without any modern tech tricks. The last time these guys went to the studio was 10 years ago, and boom… the result is fucking smashing! I hope that Namek will release new stuff more often.

Rating: 8/10  Grog fb    Namek fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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