Expurgo / Pharmacist

Fresh and new, this split was a pretty mystery/secret until Psychocontrol rec uploaded it on its bandcamp (an only a small group of people knew about this release). That day I heard a lot of good words about this 7″, and that is not a surprise. Because both bands are good, they are experienced in the grind, so it was oblivious that the result will be a killer!

Brazilian masters of noise are opening this party. Their decent grindcore is always pleasant for my ears. Great heavy sound, pumping energy, and memorable riffing. The guitar and bass tones are so juicy! Roars and screams in their place, blast beats are fast and loud. Accept blasting moments there is some groove in this noise. Guys did their best, and you could feel it during the listening. Ah yes, the last song on this side is a Nasum cover, which is a perfect last nail in the coffin!

I bet I wrote about each of Pharmacist’s releases, but this one is especially good. Guys recorded only one song for this split, but this track is a monster! Like always this is old school mess with great sound. But this time guys add a lot of different samples to the background, and that brings more dark atmosphere into the track. Great solos, wild distorted vocal, and cool rhythm section! This song is really smashing, and I think this is one of the best tracks of Pharmacist so far!

Rating: 8.5/10  Expurgo bc    Pharmacist bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the bands!

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