Global Grindcore Alliance (22.03.21)

Hi mate, hope you’re doing well. So let`s start our small talk, hehe) Tell us about this festival? How do you come up with such an idea?

I hope you are well and thank you for doing this. The idea really came up due to Covid because of the fact that as a band we could not really play shows anywhere and all the creative outlets/ platforms were really not there for us . So we figured that other bands worldwide really were experiencing the same situation where their outlet was limited, so we reached out to all our friends around the world to be a part of this. It was really hard with everything going around due to Covid but we have made it thanks to them . Much love and respect to all them for their hard work and friends for supporting and watching the stream.

What was the reaction of fans to the first part?

At first we did not know how it would go but at the end it really worked out. Everyone had a great experience and it felt more like a show due to the chat where everyone was talking to each other like a real show . Lot of old friends and new friends and new band discoveries were made as well . I think it made us much more stronger and closer with this show.

So you started not only the fest but the label as well. Tell us moreabout GCBT rec, please.

GCBT really started as an outlet for CHEPANG to go full independent and release our own records, however we realized that it would serve greater purpose if we could release records of friends whom we know globally . As you can see one our first 3-4 releases , we have bands from around the world from Poland to Japan to USA to Nepal . We currently have released 3 records .
GCBT 001- Strange Beautiful and Fast( TAKAFUMI MATSUBARA) , GCBT 002 – YAUTJA/CHEPANG Split & GCBT 003- ANTIGAMA/COGNIZANT Live @ GGA 1.0
This year is busy with GCBT 004 – IXIAS- TINGE , GCBT 005 – BANDIT – LP & one of my fav bands split GCBT 006- MORTALIZED/SWARRM Split. Next year is crazier but we can wait to talk about it later LOL.

As I know you`re preparing the second part. Could we get more details of it? What`s the line-up?

Yes GGA 2.0 will be streamed on May 29th (Saturday) from 4PM-10 PM EST . Lineup is crazy for this one as well . Link to buy tickets below:

1. AK//47 (Indonesia)
2. BAS ROTTEN (Portugal)
4. CHIENS ( France)
5. CHULO ( Colombia)
7. DER ( Brazil)
9. FACADE(Brazil)
10. FAILURE ( Italy)
11. FINAL EXIT (Japan)
12. GRID(Sweden)
13. GRIDE(Czech Republic)
15. IXIAS(U.S.A)
16. NEEDFUL THINGS( Czech Republic)
17. ONA SNOP ( England)
18. SANCTIONED (Melbourne, Australia)
19. SKIPLIFE(Czech Republic)
20. WVRM(U.S.A)

Who is standing behind Global Grindcore Alliance? Who is in your crew?

I don’t know about command but its really a small team of friends that we have kind of gathered to make this happen. Everyone has their own domaine and liberty to work in a collective way and we try to compensate them from the festival sales in any shape and form we can . This way they also keep getting to work on things they love just us as the bands or musicians in these tough times.

Video Editing – Frank Huang (Maximum Volume Silence Live)
Audio Mastering – Colin Marston(Gorguts, Krallice etc) & Scot Moriarty (Organ Dealer)
Art Design/Layout- Dib Gurung
Guest Artists – Aaron Nichols (Nerve Altar), Jaime Christ (CHRISTWVRKS), Garna Raditya (AK//
47), Ibay Arifin Suradi, GT (CHADHEL)

Name the main problems that you faced with such a festival format. Is that was hard to find a platform and deal with all bands?

The main problems were really the schedule based on Covid restrictions on every country. Right now bands from Brazil and Europe really cannot do anything with the restrictions as well. Some of the bands literally had to find a space illegally and record their set. But that is what makes it so exciting, the pure thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen next and blast beats to accompany it. EXCITING! Finding a platform was not that hard though as we have friends who already knew how these platforms worked and helped us. Our first goal was to make our own but it did not happen due to time constraints. It is in progress and hopefully be LIVE one day soon. The dealing part with the bands is actually the wonderful part where you actually get to speak with so many different types of people and culture and learn to communicate with them and find a balance to not push them hard but also motivate them to finish their sets on time.

Can GGA become a real festival, of course after this pandemic shit?

I really doubt it but who knows. I have some crazy ideas once this pandemic ends to do a different type of show totally different from a grindcore fest or show. One day I can probably make it happen.

Thank you so much, man! The last words are yours!

Thanks for doing this again . GGA 2.0 is live right now and you can buy the tickets in bandcamp link I shared below. Plus don’t forget to check out the Antigama/Cognizant GGA 1.0 Session LP, that really rules with 2 of the best bands in grindcore that are pushing the boundaries. Be there to Grind with us on May 29th. Cheers!

Contacts: Facebook / Bandcamp / Instagram /

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