Seared – Demo

New Orleans is well known for its sludge/stoner bands, but what’s about grind? Here is one young band that I want to show you, boys and girls. A year ago Seared released this nice demo, I think this noise is worth your attention. Yes this release is short, 5 songs, and about 5 minutes in total… so what?)
When I saw the cover art I thought I will face another gore/mince project, but I was wrong. This is strong, messy, and putrid grindcore. So let`s put this tape into the player!

The production of this music is very DIY. The sound is raw, but I think it should be like that because this rawness brings a good atmosphere. All strings instruments have a great distortion, especially the bass, it sounds pretty cranchy. The vocal is good too, it reminds me of some old tapes of true raw black metal, ha! The blast beat section is here as well. Maybe some moments are sloppy but I still love the drums on this recording session. The main thing here is the live energy, some band re-recording each riff many times and that make a negative effect on energy, but Seared manage to keep the energy and share it with the listeners.

If you`re looking for some cool new grindcore, here is it. Just give this demo a chance and you won’t regret it, I promise you.

Rating: 8/10    Seared bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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