Recovery – Wrong Diagnosis Late Diagnosis

For the last few years, the Russian underground has increased with many interesting bands. And this Friday I want to talk about one young but promising squad from St. Petersburg – Recovery. This is a 3 piece band and this tape is their debut. Must say guys managed to surprise me with the sound quality and material. But let`s start in order. The design of this release is unusual. The cassette case is smaller than the standard one, it`s has a clear color. All arts are stickered on it, so it looks very cool and unboring. Inside I found all info and some nice stickers.

All together we have here 6 songs of great deathgrind mess. Old fashion riffs, raw and heavy sound, and of course the evil energy – that what you will get (that is want a short review). This stuff is simply smashing… The primitive riffs, fantastic aggression in the vocal. Great guitar and bass tone, and my favorite farting sound of a bass drum, ha! Guys mixed gloom atmosphere with fast and slow death metal tempos. The result is very interesting and nasty. The “Wrong Diagnosis Late Diagnosis” is a very great and professional debut, and I will wait for the new tunes from Recovery!

The fans of old-school grindcore and death metal will definitely love this tape. As for deathcore kids, I have a big doubt, haha!

Rating: 8/10    Recovery bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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