The Kids Taught Us Japanese – Battletoads/Shit Not Music

Do you love to discover bands from the deepest corners of the world? If New Caledonian grindcore is a usual thing for you here is noise from Lapland (this is a small region of Finland, yes that one where Santa live). The Kids Taught Us Japanese is a one-man-band project. The Bandcamp says that this is Finish one-man amphibian grindcore, after that, I remember Phyllomedusa, but I was wrong… I was not even close, ha! This is more or less a straight grind with some death metal taste.
The covers of both EPs look like they were drawn by a child, and I find it cute. You will never expect the genre of music that is hidden inside.

Let me start with “Battletoads”. This the very first work of this dude, and it`s pretty interesting. This is not the most technical and fastest release that I heard, but it sounds very honest and raw. Primitive riffs and aggression this is the best parts of this short release. The music is not 100% my cup of tea but the energy of this shit is true.

Shit Not Music – this is more saturated stuff. Good and heavy beginning with low tuned bass and additional noise effects which slowly turning into middle tempo death riffs, which then transforms into sloppy blasting grind. all other material is more or less different, there you will find some groove, some blasts, and evil growls 😉 This guy tried to make his second EP more various.
Maybe goofy, maybe raw, but this material has live energy, that many band lot during recording.

Rating: 6.5/10    bandcam

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