PowerXChuck / Ghettö

Hail powerviolence and satan! Today I want to spin this beautiful split release with guys from Australia and France. Both bands proved themselves many times (ok Ghettö did it few times), their music is sick and fast. Also, both bands have their own vision of pv, which is awesome, which makes this split spicier! I think (pard me if I`m wrong) this psychedelic and bizarre art was made by Pogger Illustration. Guys worked with The Afternoon Gentlemen, Ghettö, and others. Their unique style perfectly fits such music.

PowerXChuck starts this violent story with a funny intro, and then guys quickly switched to their brand kick-ass noise. The guys didn`t change their style, but I think this new record has more hardcore in it. Speed and short catchy riffs are the main ingredients in this dish. The sound is not too clear it has some mud in it, exactly what we need. Also, I want to highlight the aggression of these songs, which is really impressive.

Last time I heard Ghettö was their split with Grossel, and I like to see that they didn`t stop to do their stuff. Guys are very angry and fast, song by song they attack you with great tunes. In my opinion, guys used a bit of fastcore in this session, but that is not a bad thing. Fast riffs, few kinds of vocal, stop play structures. Maybe you heard it many times, but this material was recorded with nice live energy, which is important. The last punk song “Silence Infini” was especially good, I didn`t expect such an ending, great job!

It’s hard to write a conclusion for this LP, I will lie if I said that this is the best powerviolence release of the decade. BUT this stuff fucking worth listening to and it`s definitely worth your attention!

Rating: 8.5/10    PowerXChuck bc     Ghettö bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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