Sick Sinus Syndrome (10.03.21)

Greetings! Hope you`re doing well and you and your families are healthy. So first of all I want to know when and how the idea about creating such band was pop up?

Hi Saša. We are doing quite fine, but situation here in czech is fucked up, right now. But we are more, less healthy I have to say. So, the first idea of having such a project was in our heads (mine and Jurgen´s) quite some time, even the first idea was not to do pathological grindcore, but old school thrash metal. But after our first jam session in autumn 2020, we spoke to do something what will be much more conected to our musical roots and it´s basicaly the rotten, downtuned sounding grindcore. This was really simply like that.

We need more info about the “Marbled Cadaveric Crematorium”. Where it was recorded, who in charge for the sound? Who will release it, etc…

Our first album, done in two rehearsals is named „ROTTEN TO THE CORE“. Marbled… is just a name of the promo, you can find on youtube channel and also the name of one of the song on the album. We recorded whole album in rehearsal room of MALIGNANT TUMOUR, where we have some recording machines and microphones. We did it all live and then bass, second guitar and vocals were added by me. Very simple it was, but also very funny. We didn´t played this kind of music for quite long time, so we both were full of ideas and it comes up very quickly and naturally. Then I took the recording to the studio Mroš, where I am working as producer time to time and together with studio owner and great mixer Mroš, we made up analog mix and mastering. We would like to do this old school way to catch to original patho grind sound, who had bands like Regurgitate or very early Carcass for example. I guess whole mixing and mastering process wound up in quite succes. We love it, how the album sounds like. Then I send three songs as a promo to several labels and I was surprised how fast I have got responses and how many labels were interesting to release it. And there are still some more writing me now. Unbeliavable. So we choose the one´s we know wery good and people who running them are our friends and we can trust them. Vinyl version will be releasing by F.O.A.D Records from Italy. CD by BIZARRE LEPROUS and cassete tape by PSYCHOCONTROL RECORDS, both from Czech. There might be some more releasing for latin america/north america or even japan, but let´s say it´s future.

The album cover is like a tribute, right? Or I missed something?

Yes, you did. Hahaha. Cover you see on the promo is just a promo cover. It was made by our friend Denis Vinogradov from Russia, who is also person behing our carcass-ish logo. He just send me this and we loved it from first look. It very much fits to our band goal and it´s to hail to all of those original ptahological grindcore bands from 80´s and 90´s. So the cover of the ROTTEN TO THE CORE album will be really different. You can all expect very old school look of the whole album.

Martin, how do you feel about all of this? Is it good to return to the gore roots?

First of all, I don´t like the term „gore“ as many bands using this and they just don´t play the music I would consider as a goregrind or whatever gore. We play simply pathological grindcore. And yes, I have very good feeling about SICK SINUS SYNDROME project. We start it as friends and we are all on same wave of making this noise rumble. Maybe it´s bit like returning to our roots but with much more experiences than we had in our musical beginnings.

Sick Sinus Syndrome is a studio project, but do you think to play live gigs (of course after all this creepy epidemic)?

Well, as we are now three piece band, there is certain plan to play some live shows in future. But when or how often it depence on our free time and also on our main bands activities.

It`s not a secret that the main influence of SSS is an old material of Carcass. So what is special in this band? What is your favourite album, and how do you like their last songs?

CARCASS was the first in this whole gore , medical stuff. When I heard first time the REEK OF PUTREFACTION I was totally shocked and there i found my way. Unbeliavable sounding album it is and their next one SYMPHONIES OF SICKNESS is the best album of all time in term of pathological grindcore. Other CARCASS albums are great too. Very melodic but still way too brutal and catchy. But the feelings of first two albums are something very special and unique for me. But we are also influenced by other great bands like REGURGITATE, DEAD INFECTION or PATHOLOGIST. There were many great bands in end of 80´s or beginning of 90´s such as LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, HAEMORRHAGE, XYSMA and many many more…

Last year gives a time for many musicians to start new stuff, as far as I know you have a few new projects. Could you tell us about them?

Ha, yes. It seems that this covid brake gives me some oportunity to work with several musicians I dreamed to work with. First is Jurgen, drumer in SICK SINUS SYNDROME. He is one of the best drummer I ever play with. With him is everything very simple. It´s great to have this machine behind the drumkit, really monster. I aslo participated on project called ASHDÖD with Dani Olivar, guitarist or spanish real gore act GRUESOME STUFF RELISH. ASHDÖD is much more stench/crustcore project. Our first 10“LP called MURDER AWAITS is just released. I sing there. All the rest work was done by Dani. Very talented musician. Then I have project called PURE which is pure grindcore with ex boys of Ingrowing and some other bands. We also had mini album out last year. And I also do some personal project called BILOS&FRIENDS FROM THE PUB. This is something very chill out project when I do some basics and then we doing funny rehearsal with friends and making different music styles songs and covers. We don´t publish nothning there…it´s just pure fun with a lot of alcohol.

Is it too early to speak about the next plans? Do you have some ideas about the next release?

Oh, not really. First of all we welcomed our third member to SICK SINUS SYNDROME. It´s Hary who played in PATHOLOGIST and still playing in DOBYTČÍ MOR. He is my very good friend and I am very happy to play with him in the band. So now we are learning our songs from album and then we will see. When time for recording will come we will do something, that´s for sure. I spoke with some bands to do some splits, but let´s say it´s question for future. But I am really exciting to play with Hary as his song writing si different that mine and it can enrich our new songs, I suppose. We will see…

Thank you so much! The last words is yours 😉

I wish to all health and good music to your lifes. And if not, see you all at the pathology!!!

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