Oozing / Pharmacist

This blasting CD was the very first thing that I listened to today. Heavy and nasty only these words could describe this release. So what do we got here?

The first part belongs to Oozing, which is a new band of Chris (Bouquet, First Days Of Humanity, and others), this is the debut stuff and it`s something different than simple gore. This time that guy surprised us with strong and dirty death metal material. But to be honest, all 5 songs still have grinding vibes. Not fast, with messy and with a heavy sound, this music brings a lot of fun! I really dig this shit. Sloppy drumming, angry growling, etc. This is a good try, not sure if this is the first time when Chris tries to play death, but the result is really cool!

Pharmacist from Japan will close this split. This dreadful band became pretty popular and very active. Also, his is their 4th release just within a year! Hmm, I can`t say that guys made a step from their previous works, all tracks are made in a brand Carcass worship style. Juicy solos, buzzing tone of the guitar, and disgusting vocal. The riffing is made very well, guys really killed a lot of time during the creation process. I especially want to highlight “Morticulture” song, this track has so many cool guitar tricks. Also, this sick stuff has its own atmosphere, which is very important. Of course, this is more metal than grind stiff, but it sounds very massive and good!

Rating: 8/10    Oozing bc     Pharmacist bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the bands! Buy this CD directly from them!

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