Neuroot – Plead Insanity

Do you remember our series about the genres that were a base for grindcore and other extreme genres? Here is another one. This time we`re going to listen to a fresh vinyl of Duch hardcore punkers Neuroot. This is the damn old band they started in the golden era of hardcore punk (1982). And like many old bands, this squad split up after a few years of activity… decades later guys rejoined and started to play again.
Originally “Plead Insanity” was released in 1988, guys recorded it before Neuroot was done. But this year German Power It Up re-released this LP with a new design and bonus live track. I don`t have the original LP but this new one looks more than great. But what about the noise inside?

The album is pleasantly raw, it also feels that this is old material from other epoch. The rhythm section is leading everything else, this is a classical punk trick. Also, we have here main and back vocals, nothing supernatural, but these screams sound good. 1 string solos are here as well. I think this is more hardcore stuff than punk. All songs are very aggressive and loud. I noticed a trace from thrash metal or rather a crossover. And now let`s talk about the negative side of “Plead Insanity”. I didn`t find the live energy here, the album sounds like Neuroot were must record this material but not like they want to do that. And that is very strange because it very strange for these years. But that is only my opinion, my I was not in the right mood, I don`t know.
Anyway, we have here a good re-issue of the old and classical album. I bet many die-hard fans of hardcore will dig this LP!

Rating: 6.5/10    Neuroot fb      Neuroot bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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