Intestinal Disgorge – The Depths of Madness

Texas noisemakers Intestinal Disgorge are well known in the grind underground. Guys love to make experiments and there is no straight line in their discography. Some works sound like hyper-perverted gore, some like brain-melting noise, but this new EP (or let’s call it mini-album) sounds like crazy grindcore. But let me go in order. This CD was released by an old French label Meat 5000 Records. Also, it has more or less usual covert art (as for the gore era of its music). Nothing bright or new, everything made in the way how it should be, but the music of this album surprised me.

The Depths of Madness was released in the summer of the cursed year. It has only 8 songs, but even with so short number, guys managed to smash the listener, haha! And again, like I said these people love to mix absolutely different genres, sometime the result sounds like a rude joke!) And that’s why many people love Intestinal Disgorge. I think the main base of this recording is gore, then grindcore and the rest is a million tricks from hardcore (I caught it in the vocals and some slow breakdown riffs), some harsh punk, and psycho noise. The ending of “The Depths of Madness” sounds like a joke about new metal, haha, awesome stuff! Altogether this mess sounds surprisedly solid and good. All songs are laced with strong pumping energy. To be honest I found this material more attractive than their noise works.

Rating: 8/10  Intestinal Disgorge fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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