Suicideforce / Deathrun

The best way to ruin your neighbors day it`s to play a record that is fast, furious, and play it loud. And here is a good candidate, this split will perfectly fit for these needs!

Italians Suicideforce started with a high note! Fast, harsh powerviolence right into your face. I`m honestly impressed. The power of this material is very vast and pleasant. The guys managed to catch live energy, and it wasn’t lost during all mixing. This band used all main attributes of this genre, stop/play structures, aggression, and so on. I especially love how the bass guitar sound, this instrument is one of the main here, it was mixed in a hardcore punk way, I mean the bass is on the first and the guitar is going on the second place. Guys really surprised me with this high-octane violence!

Deathrun are playing more fastcore oriented noise. The production of these songs are ok, the sound is a bit flat, especially in comparison to the first band. But the material is still great. I want to highlight guitar solos in “Captain Originality Saves The Diy Scene”, that was awesome, haha! Almost every song has its own funny into, and that helps to make this music more intriguing. It would be very strange if this record hasn’t had wild yelling, screams, buzzing guitar, crunchy bass, and nice kick drums. You will get everything above and even more!

Rating: Suicideforce 8.5/10     Deathrun 7.5/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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