Entrails Massacre – Network Of Epic Misery

Strange thing a “Network Of Epic Misery” was recorded a year ago or even more, but only a year after, it was released physically (thanks to Dead Heroes). I was really surprised by this fact, because Entrails Massacre is a good band and this EP, without a doubt, is a massive and solid piece of grind. Anyway, I`m happy to hold this vinyl and spin it on my player.
The first thing that caught my eye is a really interesting and nice design. The collage type of the cover is very usual for this genre, but this one looks different, everything combined together super well. I especially want to highlight the color combination of this design, I didn`t dare to imagine that grey and green can look so brilliant.

Entrails Massacre have always had their own style. And during decades guys simply improved it. I think the main point of this EP is its power, speed, and aggression. Then the dissonant sound of a guitar (with sharp riffs) and two kinds of vocals (high screams and growl). The bass has a pleasant clanking sound, and the drums sound very old fashion.  I mean they are not overloaded with triggers and other bullshit, this is simply good old blast beats with a farting sound of the bass drum (a classical recipe, haha).  The energy of this release is a fucking twister. A huge twister which is about to destroy your house and you. Sounds like guys were very pissed off and angry during the recording, ha!

Verdict: “Network Of Epic Misery” is highly concentrated grindcore with not usual, but interesting taste. If you love fast and buzzing vibrations that can make your mind bleed, then try this lovely record.

Rating: 8/10  Entrails Massacre fb    Entrails Massacre bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the bands!

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