Agathocles / Mixomatosis / Sacthu

For the weekend review, I picked up a nice split with Agathocles / Mixomatosis and Sacthu. This noise was released last summer but it still actual to talk about this LP. First of all, It`s rare to see, or rather strange to see a 3way split vinyl. Because it`s pain in the ass to cut everything into equal pieces. But guys found the way, side A and B have the same bands, but with different songs. In my opinion, this is a smart solution. And like all good stories our starts with Agathocles, ha!
Belgium veterans recorded this material in 2008 at the Obscene Extreme festival. This recording session has good dynamic and live energy. Same I can say about the sound, it pretty clear as for the live recording. You will hear a lot of iconic old songs with a brand, pissed off aggression. As for the instruments… I like the guitar sound here it sounds brutal as fuck, same with the bass. Maybe it`s my imagination, but have a feeling that all songs were played a bit slower than usual. But anyway, every time when I hear AG it brings me joy, no matter if there are old songs or new ones.

Spanish oldtimers Mixomatosis are the second in the line. This grind is raw, ugly, and messy.  Can`t say that this is my type of sound, but all songs are freaking sick. They well charged with madness and fun. The riffs are maximum simple, drums are fast and sometimes goofy. But the craziest part here is the hysterical vocal. Strange thing, during the listening I had an idea that guys sound like Anul Cunt, not sure if I`m right, but there is a lot of fast and noisy parts that sound very similar.

The 3d band is from Spain too. This is a young band called Sacthu. Actually, this is the fastest band on this split. Guys are mixing fast grindcore with hardcore punk. They have a pretty sharp sound (usual for the modern bands), their songs are short but full of ferocity. And again, this is not the best production or sound, but this material is good. I wish I could say that this grindcore has something unique or new, but no… On the other hand this still a good example of the grindcore genre. Guys are playing what they want and how they want and that is the main and very important thing.

Rating: 7.5/10  Agathocles / Mixomatosis / Sacthu

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the bands!

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