Methadone Abortion Clinic – Rectalspective

Today we`ll talk about something nasty and disgusting, haha! US maniacs from Methadone Abortion Clinic are well known for their dark sense of humor and for sick music. Well, these guys are not so active with new material and while we`re waiting for their new album I propose you to listen to this cute compilation CD. “Rectalspective” consists of some early materials, splits, and live records.
Can`t say that I like this cover art, but it`s only because I don`t like “Gruesome Graphx” generally. But I belive that fans of this band will find it creepy and funny.
As for the noise material… the final masterian was made by Guyome (Pulmonary Fibrosis). That`s why this CD sounds so heavy and well organized.
These who heard MAC before know that guys are love to mate buldozering and massive songs with a solid portion of groove. This release stards with fast and powerful “Dildozer”, that song sets the pace for the whole CD. Song by song you will be smashed by dirty, dansing and low tracks, but beliave me that will give you so much joy, haha! Toxic mess of the guitar and bass sound is the main weapon, these two component made the sound and mood of MAC. Drums are more or less standart as for goregrind genre, I mean there is no ringing snare sound, or trigered bass drums. And the last but not the worst – vocal. You can say that there is nothing spesial or new, and you will be right. Pitch-shifted vocal is pretty regular for gore bands, but anyway it sounds monstrouse and damn good! That what we need for such music!

Rating: 8/10  MAC bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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