Sanctioned – Annexation

Sanctioned is a new band from Melbourne, but the guys behind this name are very skilled. The line up consists of grindcore stalwarts featuring members of many cult underground bands like The Kill, Undinism, Fuck I’m Dead, Christ Crusher, Kutabare, Remains, Shitwreck, Open Wound (impressive isn`t it?). I guess we have here an allstars band, haha!
The visual look of this LP can confuse… it looks very metal, actually I was expected to hear some heavy metal but not a bone crashing grindcore, hehe. The style of this artwork looks very familiar and after some research, I understand that the artist tried to make something similar to Ed Repka works. And must admit this drawing looks very close to the original Ed Repkas style and it also looks very professional too.

Uuphh… it`s hard to start with this part. When I see a new album or split from Australian bands I already know that I will hear a piece of killer music. This is almost like a rule 😉 and we have simply the same situation with Sanctioned. All 15 songs sound like a fucking blast. The energy of this LP could be compared with a huge and unstoppable train that is going to smash you. As for production, it`s good too, I can hear every instrument even bass guitar. “Annexation” sounds really solid, with some dirt in the sound, which is very right as for this genre. Each song has a megaton of energy and that is insane! Starts with the first guitar riff and ends with the final blast beat this LP will grind you into the dust! Damn Australians they really know how to grind, haha!  Needless to say that this madness is going to my list of top releases of 2021!

Guys if you want to hear something really fast and heavy, I promise you that this noise will surprise you!

Rating: 9/10    Sanctioned bc    Sanctioned fb

The vinyl will be released soon by Regurgitated Semen rec, and Downtuned Records, CD will be released by Terrible Mutilation rec, stay tuned!

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