Archagathus – Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging

It`s been 10 years since this LP was released. After a decade this album became very popular and iconic in this sub-genre. For this anniversary Power It Up rec prepared a vinyl version of “Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging”. I don`t have the original CD but I can honestly say that this edition looks and feels awesome! Great paper quality, good looking design, and the vinyl with a solid sound. As a vinyl fan, I`m more than happy, haha)

This album is everything that you need to know about modern mincecore. All 18 songs are charged with a ton of fun, primitivity, and pumping energy. Tracks are pretty short but that`s not a bad thing. Riffs and structures are very simple and catchy. Those who listen to Archagathus know what I`m talking about. The messy and raw sound of this material is its strong side. The other positive thing is alive energy.  During the listening, you will feel that boys having fun and trying to do their best.
I think, for the first time, I heard this album exactly 10 years ago, and even now this material still sounds very positive, actual, and fresh!

Goofy, raw, disgusting? Maybe, but this is how mincecore should be, and if somehow you missed this album, we strongly recommend you to check it out!

Rating: 9/10    Archagathus fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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