Tunkio ‎– World Of Maniacs

Finnish grind duo Tunkio has released a lot of good noise but today I want to talk about this dirty diamond, haha! World Of Maniacs is a one-sided EP released by Meltaaargh!!!! (sub-label of Bringer Of Gore) it`s short but very nasty. Actually, this is one of the best records from Tunkio (on my taste of course). So why this 7″ is so important and worth your time? Well first of all it`s its energy and raw amateurish sound. Someone will call it “it’s so bad that it’s good”, haha!
There is only 9 short song and it sucks to return the needle to the beginning again and again, but it`s the only negative thing about this EP. This messy mincing grind is catchy and full of fun! Some moments are goofy but all these unprofessional moments make this noise awesome! Well distorted guitar sound brings this mess a special atmosphere same I can say about that disgusting vomiting vocal. The sound of snare is the main in the rhythm section, actually, it`s hard to catch cymbals or other elements but who cares?)

Guys, if you love dirty grindcore, if you have a ton of Agathocles and Archahathus records in your collection. If the goofy sound of Haggus makes you happy then this EP is 100% for you! Crack a cold one and put this vinyl on!

Rating: 8/10  Tunkio fb    Tunkio bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the bands!

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