Purulent Spermcanal / Carnal Diafragma

We all perfectly know that Czhces’s scene is reach with tons of great bands. This release is a nice example of how just simple teamwork of two old bands can kick a 10-ton ass, haha! Two oldtimers Purulent Spermcanal and Carnal Diafragma are back with new songs and with a huge charge of fun and energy! So let`s open this terrible and perverted pandora’s box!

I really dig PS side, this material has very brutal and heavy. From all their splits from 2020, this is my favorite because of these sick songs. The guitar sound is extremely low, this shit sounds like a fucking chainsaw, haha! Same with the bass and ugly distorted vocal. The drums have an old school sound, good, but not loud snare sound, the farting sound of the bass drum, and loud cymbals, this is simply my type, extreme sound but with punk spirit. A mix of middle tempos and fast blasting parts are well balanced, which helps to make this music more interesting.

As for CD side… in comparison to old material, this band has changed their style. Now, this is something that you can call groovy or tupa tupa grind but unlike other bands, Carnal Diafragma still has a fire in their arses, haha! These 5 songs are full of joy, fun, and energy. There is a ton of dancing moments but also there are blasting pieces. The general sound is well distorted, and you can catch a lot of riffs, rhythms, and other elements. Well, I`m not a big fan of pig squeal vocal, but guys mixed it with growl, screams, and other vocal styles, so the final result is really great! And yes this shit is catchy as hell!

Rating: Purulent Spermcanal 8.5/10    Carnal Diafragma 8/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the bands!

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