Bas Rotten – Surge

Last year simply crashed us with a pale of great releases. The album “Surge” is one of these kickass LPs from 2020. Funny thing, the chief of Lower Class Kids Records showed me this band and album, that was very kind of him. Must say I dig this stuff from the very first song! Of course, this is not unique content, but guys crated everything with love (or hate). Guys are huge fans of Bas Rotten, because they not only used his name but even drawn him on their cover (the guy is a kickboxing star). Which reminds me of good and old Charles Bronson and Travolta bands, ha! Anyway, the visual side of this release looks fantastic, and the music of BxRx won`t disappoint you.

Musically “Surge” is a pot with few powerful ingredients. Guys mixed grindcore, crust, crossover, and hardcore in one well-balanced mess. These songs are full of energy, good productions, and pleasant sound. The riffs are more or less clear so you can hear all notes. The screaming vocal is not something new or shocking, but it fits well with all instruments. The guitar sound is not overloaded with distortion, I think it sounds more in the hardcore/thrashcore way. The bass is mostly cluttered with guitar and drums, but it brinks the heaviness to all compositions.

It`s hard to add more relevant words, haha. This album has speed, fire, and a nice sound, so it`s definitely worth your attention!

Rating: 8.5/10      Bas Rotten fb     Bas Rotten bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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