Fuck On The Beach / Noise Nihilist

Japanese legends are back with a new split release. This time they joined their forces with Polish noise freaks from Noise Nihilist. This 7″ was released by 3 different labels from Poland, Italy, and the USA. Each label made its own design, and that is an interesting decision. This release became very collectible, and now I want to get all 3 of them, haha! My copy is from Italy and it has city ruins in the cover, it looks gloomy and dark…  but the music of this EP is not so negative.

To be honest I~m a bit disappointed, Fuck On The Beach record only 2 songs for this split and we have here only 1.5 minutes of solid (but fucking short) fastcore. This material has a raw sound but really impressive energy. Guys are making their best, they playing at maximum speed and with maximum dedication. Good stuff but and the end of this side you clearly understand and feel dissatisfaction. Hope the next release will be much longer.

This is my second acquaintance with Noise Nihilist. Their side from the slit with Impetigo was good, but let`s see what we have here. Good start with a movie sample and short noisecore track. But then we have some various changes in the songs. Some parts have great slow bass tempo (pretty atmospheric), which reminds me of weird powerviolence, but guys don`t forget to use short and fast noisecore structures (ala 7MON). This is really good and furious stuff, I would recommend it to grind and noise freaks.

Rating: 8/10  Fuck On The Beach    Noise Nihilist bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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