Convulsions/Insect Terror

Fire and rage, that`s how I can describe this split EP. This is a great example of a powerful combination of Spanish and German grind. Each band has its own vision of grindcore, so it`s double fun to write about this 7″. This noise was released by 7 labels back in March (2020), but this split like a good vine, it got even better over time. But enough of boring mumbling let`s jump into the world or low and loud vibrations.
The first band here is Convulsions. Strange, but a good thing, these guys never disappointed me. Somehow guys manage to accumulate all negative energy and release it in their songs. This is a pumping, twisting grindcore that could make your blood boil! A fast and short tracks like gunshots. I saw those boys on stage and that was something, I want to admit that recorded songs have almost the same live energy as if you heard them from the stage!

Insect Terror are second in order. Guys are more focused on an old school side of grindcore. The production is messy and noisy, but I still like it. Guys didn`t lose the spirit and energy during the mixing and that is positive. Of course, you won`t hear a technical riff, or modern sound, or unstable blasting (like modern bands like to do). This is a more punkish side of grindcore. I honestly like how this rotten recording sounds.

Rating: Convulsions: 8,5/10    Insect Terror: 7,5/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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