Golem of Gore / Pharmacist

Today’s material is bloody and heavy. Split Golem of Gore / Pharmacist brought me joy, it cured my hangover and it also made my neighbors very happy, haha! Both bands recorded pretty strong material with great sound and energy. This CD also has good cover art. Of course, this is not a unique work or new approach in this genre, but this collage looks more than nice. Let`s go in order and start with the Italian Golem of Gore!

I bet there are many people who already know this project. In a short time, this trio became quite popular. So, this material is not too different from previous works, but that is not bad. This recording session has good intensive structures and dirty sound. There are a lot LDOH oriented parts in this music, but the guys still make it in their own way, so everything does not sound like a shitty clone. Blasts on are great, there was done a great job with the guitar sound, vocals are not overloaded with distortion (it does not sound like pulsation toiler water noise). I`m more than happy with this stuff.

The Japanese side starts with an atmospheric and scary intro. Then a pleasant and old fashion gore metal flows right into your mind. These middle tempos and riffs are so great. This music brings nostalgia for all Carcass fans, who love the early period of this band. The production is more than well made. The sound has a moldy taste, and I think it is very smart move because that makes these 3 songs more atmospheric and gloomy. To be short – this is a badass work, and those who love gore metal will definitely love this shit!

Rating: 8/10    Golem of Gore bc    Pharmacist bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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