Beggin For Oxys/ Eye Gag/ Coke Nail/ Oozing Meat

N – for noisecore! For today’s review, I got a very harsh pack of 4 bands. 3 projects are from the USA and one from Canada, and I think all of them are one-man projects (pard me if I`m wrong). Must admit that the whole material is ridiculously brutal and primitive. It also can make irreparable damage to your ears, so don`t play this tape too loud guys :).
– Let’s begin with  Beggin For Oxys. This is a straight pissed off style of noisecore, you won’t hear anything except a wall of nonstop screams, drums, and sharp annoying creaking noises. Actually, everything was done pretty well, this is good material, but there are tons of bands who play the same stuff.
– Eye Gag, hm… this stuff has a shitty sound, same pissed off, and chaotic structures as a Beggin For Oxys, but there are a few good bass guitar moments. This is just not my cup of tea.
–  The third band is Coke Nail. This material was created with the same ingredients and rules. All in all, guys are trying to release all their energy and broke all instruments, haha! Here and there are some samples, the sound is messy and dirty. The last 30 seconds of this session is simply the best part. Monotone bass and drum beats and then fast, short and angry final.
– The final band is the most interesting to me. Oozing Meat is a side project of Jason (Suppression). This harsh shit is pretty experimental. Yes in general these songs have basical noisecore structures, but the energy is freaking crazy and crazy. Among creepy screams and loud drums, you will hear a lot of movie samples and electronic noises. These elements make this “music” more interesting.

This tape will be interesting for those who love primitive, straight, and loud noisecore.

Beggin For Oxys – 6/10   Eye Gag – 4/10
Coke Nail – 5.5/10   Oozing Meat – 7/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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