Brain Corrosion / Ripped To Shreds (Wise Grinds Records)

This year is a huge shit in all social aspects, but many bands used this time to record new songs. This year is freaking full of great releases, and today I want to talk about the one interesting vinyl. How many bands from Taiwan do you know? None?  Well, let me help you. The first band on this LP is Brain Corrosion, a total killer grindcore act with a strong gore stench. The second band is Ripped To Shreds – smashing grindcore madness from California.
This release has appropriate art with a great possessed character. There are a lot of details, also I really love that the artist used a Chinese (or Taiwanese) theme (the house, closes, and so on). A bit unusual, but really love the final result.

Let me start with the Asian trio. These guys blew my mind, haha! Their grind is so dense and brutal. It reminds me of some old bands from the 90th. I think that General Surgery made a big impact on Brain Corrosion. In my opinion, this material has an old spirit and awesome aggression. The sound is especially tasty and heavy. Riffing and song structures are simple it`s easy to remember them, but this is a good way for music to left a mark in your mind. The vocals remind me of the early Carcass era (the gore times). I had a lot of fun listening to this brain smashing stuff.

Ripped To Shreds started with some trashing jamp – Rotting Stenches Unknown. Great, punchy, and fast, this is a good way to present a band to the listeners. Actualluy it reminds me Birdflesh a bit, haha! Unfortunately, this is the only their own song that guys prepared for us. All other songs are covers of Asocial, Assuck, Gridlink. Of course, all these songs are badass, but I wanted to hear more of a real Ripped To Shreds. Anyway, guys managed to record everything with fire! Side B is reach of unstoppable energy. Cove on Gridlink is the last song of this split, mush say guys didn`t fucked up… Dodonpachi became a very hot ending of this LP.

Rating:  Brain Corrosion 8.5/10  Ripped To Shreds 8/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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