The Bastard Within – Better Dead Than Friends

Our small underground is always growing up with more and more bands, it`s really hard to stay on track. No wonder that I know nothing about “The Bastard Within”. So… this is a young band from Varese (Italy) and this CD is their debut work. Guys are playing a mix of thrash, death metal, and grindcore, nothing new? Maybe, but let`s dig deeper. Strange thing, this artwork reminds me of the arts for grind/death albums from the early, mid 00th. Remains of the corpse, death, and dystopian theme. Nothing new, however, everything looks well organized, and honestly, this design perfectly displays The Bastard Within’s music.

The production of this album is nice, nothing that could stand out, but for the debut LP, this is more than enough. First of all, I noticed that this stuff is more influenced by metal genres than grindcore. A big part of the riffs, the drum style (especially the sound of double beat pedals), vocals, and so on. But, for example, the guitar sound is pleasantly heavy and crunchy. This music reminds me of Deicide but with some grindcore wides. I enjoyed of “I don`t give a fuck” song, I think this is the most punkish track here. Also, it was great to hear something thrashy like “The Solution” and “Varosha ”. 

I don`t want to hurt anyone, but somewhere in the middle of the album, I started to get bored. All songs were created in the same style with, more or less, the same structures… and that lack of diversity made a bad effect on the whole album mood. But anyway guys tried their best, and that is the most important thing!

Rating: 6.5/10  The Bastard Within bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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