Convulsions / Six​-​Score

This split may be old but this material is still hot and actual. We are going to talk about awesome bands today – Convulsions from Spain and Six-Score from Austria. Both proved that they can play grindcore, their previous releases are strong proof of that.

This small split starts with 6 short compositions from Convulsions. As always guys managed to create a really strong shit! These songs are rich in pumping energy and crunchy sound. The sound is heavy and tasty. The guitar tone is pleasantly low and buzzing, the bass is loud, blasts are fast with some strong punk attitude (which is great). Also, a few different types of vocal make this music more intensive and interesting. To be short, guys did it (nailed me) again, haha! 

Austrian psychos from Six-Score surprised me. They started with super dense grindcore (Nullwert song), then switched to something dark and more modern with crust, blast beats, and some breakdown structures (Operation Black Disease), and then they returned to more grindcore/crust oriented stuff (Parasites). I`m not a fan of breakdowns but it was interesting to listen to this extreme mix, guys really tried their best to make something interesting and they managed to do that.

Rating: 8/10  Convulsions bc     Six​-​Score bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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