Agathocles ‎– Fascination Of Mutilation

I really love when such old and rare stuff released again and released in the proper way. Here is a tape version of one very old (30 years!) Flexi 7”.  This small cassette looks awesome, yes it has another cover art, but I see no problem with it. Also, everything was made right with great quality, screen printed logos on the shell, the cover surprised me a bit, it was made on some kind of plastic but not on paper. To be short this is a top-notch production.

As for the noise… This is an ancient live recording that was made back in 1989! Yes it`s dirty, yes is pretty amateurish and goofy… but this is a part of the grind history and I love it. These 5 songs have super dense guitar sound, actually at that moment AG has two guitar players, also I want to highlight Jans screams and grows. Drums may sound a bit shitty but still like them. But everything above is not important, why? Because the main point of this recording session is the aggression and mood that was captured during that performance. This mad energy is hilarious, haha! Messy, evil, and true!

Rating: 7.5/10  Agathocles fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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