Haemorrhage ‎– Emetic Cult

Today I`m going to talk about a 100% cult album in the gore genre – Emetic Cult. This is the very first album of Haemorrhage and it was released 25 (!!!) years ago. For such an epic date, this album was re-released in all formats, but I want to cover a vinyl version from Discos MeCagoEnDios (a great label which is ruled by еру ex-Denak member). This release has a high-quality cover and inner slive. Actually, I expected a gatefold variant, but the usual format is good too. There are a ton of old photos, lyrics, some additional info, and so on. It`s a pleasure to hold this thing in the hands. And now let`s check the sound of this beauty.    

The sound is obviously very distorted and a bit raw but it still has a nice dynamic so the vinyl does not sound flat. For sure bands like Carcass, has influenced a lot on Haemorrhage, you will find some similar riffs here and there. But that is not important at all, because this nasty album brings you a ton of joy. Easily recognizable riffs, and buzzing guitar sound, I think it`s a most significant part of this band. This recording has a strong bass line (btw it was not cluttered during the mixinп which is really great). Of course, brand screams and sloppy blast beats will blow your head off. But I think one of the finest parts of Emetic Cult is its gloomy morgue atmosphere. And that`s why we love this band. I bet that these guys didn’t suspect that after 25 they will still play, ha!      

Emetic Cult is definitely a must-have for any grindcore fanatic!

Rating: 8.5/10    Haemorrhage fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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