Helvetes Jävla Skit – Satans Jävla Helvete

It`s been a while since the last review was posted, time get back to work, haha! For today’s write up I choose a debut work of Helvetes Jävla Skit. This is one-man band from Sweden with strong influence from modern extreme bands. Also, this is a debut release for Grind to Death Records, and must admit it`s not a bad start! But let`s go back to our stuff. This album has a pretty cool design, all these dead flies look calm and peaceful. And of course, this concept looks stylish. From the very first view, I thought that this work is just nothing but few riffs that are cluttered with triggered blast beats, but I was wrong. Actually, this is pretty complicating work…

Satans Jävla Helvete consists of many moments, the guy behind this band simply mixed grindcore, Scandinavian black metal, death metal, and noise. The first few songs will trick you, they pretty much the same and sounds like Antigama (in my opinion this music was inspired by these Polish legends). But there are some unexpected melodic parts, some peach black metal episodes, but in general, the material is brainwashing fast. The production of this album is good, the sound is pretty much clean and loud. The vocal and the guitar sound nice but these drums, uhhmm. I don`t really like how this triggered blast beats sound and how they cluttered everything with their plastic sound, but it`s only my weird taste.

However this is just a debut, I think that this work is a work of listening. I bet fans of Antigama or Rotten Sound will dig this album!

Rating: 7/10    Helvetes Jävla Skit bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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