Final Exit (25.10.20)

Hello! How are things going in Japan these days? Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi! Alex! My name is Ryohei. I’m playing Drums on FINAL EXIT, Mortify, Su19b, etc…Japan is still badly affected by Covid-19. I can’t do what I was able to do before. But it’s gradually returning, but it’s still a long way off. I’ve been able to do live performances a little bit. 

25 years had passed since your first rehearsal, that is a lot, haha! But you didn’t change you still active and fast. So how everything started? Could you tell us About the beginning of Final Exit?

HAHA! 25 years is a long time for the GRIND/NOISE band! But DECHE-CHARGE has been doing it for 30 years you know!  But we’re not always that active, so maybe it’s been 25 years.

FINAL EXIT started with a band formed in a vocational school class.

You were not so active last years, I think you were busy with daily life and other bands. But I must ask about your plans for this year. Do you have new songs and do you have any new releases in your must-do list?

We always not so active, Alex! HAHA!

But We just released “Noize-no-Wakadaishou” Picture LP on HAUNTED HOTEL Recs. you know. And It’s our 25th-anniversary release!

We want to release a long full-length album so we are making new songs a bit.
But it’s very slow and difficult…

What have you been listening to lately (grind and non-grind, metal, jazz and so on)? Are there any acts that have inspired you?

What I’ve heard most recently is a new record of Mortify that I mixed myself.There is a meaning of confirmation, but I hear the most.

Other than that, I’ve been listening to Butcher ABC and a Japanese veteran rap group called Scha Dara Parr recently. Yeah! They all gives me many of inspires to making songs, etc…!

And what do you think about promoting a band through the Internet? Don’t you miss the good old’ times, when you could actually touch mails with distro list from labels or just from the fans?

I think it would be good to promote it in a way that suits the times.    

During a few decades, you have worked with many record labels. What do you think about the role of a record label in this digital age? 

It’s true that there are many digital distributions these days, but I don’t feel like releasing it without something like a CD, record, or tape. So I think it’s necessary to keep releasing them.

I was lucky to met you at OEF and see your performance there. I want to admit great teamwork of Final Exit. How the hell you can match each other in such rapid and chaotic noise? Tell us your secret mr. Ryohei)

I was very happy to meet you too! But last year’s our OEF main stage performance wasn’t good…Because We had to wait for hours at the airport immigration procedure, I arrived a little after the appearance time and did it without any preparation. Even so, everyone said it was good, but I felt something was wrong … I can’t say it because it’s top secret! HAHA! It’s just eye contact!    

Do you agree with me if I say that emotions (good or bad) are a necessary part of any music? And what emotions do you use when you writing/playing new songs?

Yeah! I think so too! Emotions are very important things to make songs especially about FINAL EXIT!

It’s all different! At FINAL EXIT, I often write songs about everyday life!   

Also, you are very active in your local underground. How many bands do you have? I bet our readers are very interested in your other projects, give us some info about them, please?

=FINAL EXIT (Funny Grind/Noise)

=Mortify (HM-2 Buzzsaw Grindcore)

=Su19b (Blackend Power-Violemce)

=Unconscious Disharmonic Malfunction (3xVocals,2xElectro Noise+Drums = Harsh Grind)

=Ops-Psf (7MON style short cut Grind/Noise)

and now I’m invited to some other projects and bands….

I`m very interested in the history of the Japanese grind/hardcore fast scene. Could I ask you to tell us it`s story and name, fundamental bands?

Please Ask other more detailed people…    

Seasons are going and going… – most blowing mind album that I even heard in decades, who the hell you came up to mix melodies, some elements from “normal” music with chaotic noise?

I came up with it because at first, we were copying some AxCX songs….

Could you agree with the statement that noisecore/grindcore is a perfect treatment for depression, bad mood, and frustration?  

NO! HAHA!    

That’s all folks, the interview is over. Thank you so much, the last words are yours, my friend!

Thanx Alex! Very sorry for the long delay! I want to meet you again in the future!

Contacts:    facebook       bandcamp

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