Tolerance – Last Days Of Capitalism

This Finland band has been around for half of a decade. That dude recorded so much noise, but for some reason first full album he recorded only now. To be honest, I was surprised and smashed, this is one of the best works of Tolerance!
The cover art of “Last Days Of Capitalism” has a nice image and very simple production. But there are 1 interesting thing, BOG released this album in 3 colors – regular black, white, and awesome pink! In my opinion, the pink color is the best choice for such brutal stuff, ha!

Tolerance made 14 brain-melting songs + they add 2 intros and 2 outros (each part starts and ends with similar tunes). When the needle meets with the track you will hear not a gore but some old fashion electronic music, weird into isn`t it? The intros and the outros are the only times where this band isn’t in full attack mode. But after these short tracks, you will be simply sashed by this huge wave of madness! There are no pauses between tracks, everything sounds like 1 solid and disgusting piece.
Interesting fact, both sides have a bit different material. Side A is more straight more blasting and more primitive. But side B has a nice variation of groove and blast beats (honestly I love this side more).   

This album leaves the listener smashed as fuck! I also feel that this album should attract a big fan base.

Rating: 8/10    Tolerance fb    Tolerance bc

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