Atrofia Cerebral – Caducidad De La Existencia

Atrofia Cerebral is a legendary noise duo from Peru! These guys started to play more than 30 (1989) years ago! I bet every noisecore fan knew this project, hehe! So today we will listen to their release “Caducidad De La Existencia”. This material was released on a business card (not the most comfortable format, must say), it contains some recording from 2015-17 years. Also, this “CD” has a very simple DIY design, everything was printed at home in office paper. But I think it`s perfect for this genre.

This is a short and fast release, It has about 4 minutes of noise. I listened to this weird release a few times, and I didn’t found any surprising twists or any samples from the movies or something like that, this is straight noisecore (a bit boring but still nice). But there is one thing that caught my attention. Unlike nowadays noisecore bands, who use the same song structures and tactics this stuff has an atmosphere. Yep, everything here is pure improvisation, but it has an old school spirit, which is important. Some materials differ in sound quality, but all tracks sound like one big and long song. I like how this brainwashing jam sound. I want to highlight a pissed off the energy of this release, guys still have the fire after all these years, ha!

Be careful this stuff can cause ear bleeding in your neighbors. Strongly recommended for the noise freaks only!

Rating: 7/10    Atrofia Cerebral fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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