Degradatus – Degradatus (Trismus Records)

Unfortunately grindcore in Ukraine it`s something exotic and rare. Every time when I see a new Ukrainian grind release I`m fucking happy and excited! So today I want to present to you a new grind project from the west part of my country  – Degradatus! This is a studio project with two-person, who actually played a lot in different bands years ago. Looks like the hunger for the grind has turned them back in the game!
Unlike many other grindcore projects, Degradatus used a pretty fresh approach in the cover art. It`s a bit another looks on painful social stuff. Broken vase – like fucked up society, poverty, religion question, drugs problem… most of the “classical” points were used here. I like this idea a lot! 

2020 shows us a lot of the bad side of humanity and shows how dumb society can be/is, guys screaming a lot about this bullshit in this self-titled EP. Songs like “Лайкнув твою смерть” – Liked your death (when people put a lot of likes under a post about someone death), “Поважай мій похуїзм” – “I don’t give a fuck – respect that!” and so on. Musical this is nice middle tempo grindcore with pissed off vocal. Actually, guys really prepared for this recording, studio work, mixing, and so on. The sound is a bit clear but pleasantly heavy and punchy. Also, there are a variety of riffs, especially at the beginning of the tracks. I feel influences from old gore and grindcore bands, like Agathocles, Death Infection, Terroriser, and many others. I found only 1 negative moment here, it`s a guitar tone. Degradatus is overdone with it a bit and it has not a punk/grind but death metal sound (but I still love it).
I will be honest, guys still have some work to do, but this is a very cool release! If you love grindcore and you love to discover new names, check this band!

Rating: 7.5/10  Degradatus fb    Degradatus bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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