Soil Of Ignorance – Stop The Madness

Soil Of Ignorance is a good grindcore band, these guys don’t do anything outside of the genre, but what they do they do well. 2020 a very active and positive year for them, first they released a split with legends Excruciating Terror and then first full length! Today I will try to cover all parts of this long-awaited album. 
The cover art is built out of all the crust/grindcore standards, we have a massive collage that covers sharp themes like religion, war, greed, poverty and animal rights, and so on. Indeed, that is the base of the madness that surrounds us. These (and many other) themes affect us (mostly in a negative way), that is so fucking wrong, that is cancer that is killing us, and I believe that we must fight with that shit!    

Hmm… How should I start? The grinds on this album are just so fucking harsh! While being totally brutal and out of control, the songs are definitely not without structure, and some songs really get stuck into your head with their insidious hooks. Production and the sound have perfect rawness. There is not a lot to say about the bass. Yes, it loud and really distorted but the guitar is cluttering its vibration in a lot of moments. Speaking about guitar, this is the most annoying (in a good way) instrument on this album, ha! It’s really fuzzy and sounds fucking crushing. Sometimes you can’t even hear what riff is actually playing due to all the distortion. Actually, guys managed to find a good balance (okay almost find) between all instruments. The drum section is strong as fuck, blast beats sound savage and heavy. The same can be said about the vocals. This work is very strong and the guys didn`t fucked up!

If you love crushing grindcore with good sound, the “Stop The Madness” is a perfect choice!

Rating: 8.5/10    Soil Of Ignorance bc      Soil Of Ignorance fb

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