Retortion Terror / Invidiosus

I found this LP among other promo stuff from Wise Grinds rec. This is a vinyl re-issue of a really nice split between Retortion Terror and Invidiosus. I have no original CD, so I can’t compare vinyl with the old release, but this fresh press looks and sounds awesome! The cover remained intact, but the sound was a bit remastered according to format requirements (because if you use CD master for the vinyl release you will get a shitty result and huge money loss). Also, this version has 2 bonus tracks 1 from each band.  

This split begins with the riffs from the Japanese grind brigade Retortion Terror! I must admit, this is super furious shit! The music of this band is so intensive and aggressive, it literary charge you with a good load of energy. The guitar sound is fantastic the brand style of Takafumi Matsubara is very recognizable. Despite the fact that this material was written in the same style, I can’t say that it`s boring, or you will hear the same structures and riffs. In spite of the genre frames, this music sounds very interesting and alive, and that Ramones cover in the end, simply finished me, haha!

Invidiosus are paying more traditional grindcore, with some death/thrash metal elements. First of all, I want to highlight a nice production and sound of this record session. It really juicy and heavy and also it pretty clear, I can even hear each of the cymbals. The vocal is pretty typical for such stuff, same I can say about the bass. My favorite thing on this record are guitar solos, they work so well with all these blast beats. The last song on this side is a cover of mighty “Terroriser”, and this is the most punkish track here.

I will be honest with you guys. This is not the best grind work that I heard, but this LP is worth listening to!

Rating:  Retortion Terror 8/10     Invidiosus 7/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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