Erectile Dementia (29.09.20)

Hi Doug. How are you doing? Hope this shitty epidemic didn’t get you and your family.

Greetings from the USA, my man! I am phenomenal. Perfectly healthy for now but check back in a few months when things have gotten even more juicy. We just need to have faith in the system and pray away the virus, right? I live in an old farm house on thirteen acres of overgrown woods so I’ve been spending most of my time sawing up dead trees, digging in the mud and ignoring other human beings as much as possible. Just like last year!

First of all, I want to ask you about the band name and its history. Why in the hell did you choose such a funny name?

Childish dick jokes are always funny and very effective at deflecting any potential interest from humorless hardcore punk scholars, elite black metal trolls and ultra-sick brutal gore fiends! ERECTILE DEMENTIA just seemed to state the opposite of the more common “erectile dysfunction”. Instead of traditional limp dick grindcore, ERETILE DEMENTIA has more to do with creepy old weirdos getting massive raging boners at inappropriate times! True werewolf rock n’ roll. I’m also way into ineffectual marketing strategies and general human alienation. Hot damn!

Please let us know about the beginning and the best moments of ERECTILE DEMENTIA?

The very first thing I recorded as ERECTILE DEMENTIA was a cover of JETHRO TULL’s “Aqualung” for an amazing compilation on Wheelchair Full of Old Men Records. Always an honor to work with this classic label so I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Didn’t know how to play drums but there was a drum kit in my rehearsal space so I set up some microphones and recorded the sound of me being a fucking idiot at maximum volume. That track remains the towering benchmark of the entire ExDx discography and it’s all been a rapid decline into uselessness since then.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but ExDx is a studio band only, right? Did you ever think to make a gig?

Yeah! I’ve never had any interest in ExDx playing live. I spent the first twenty years of my career in shitty underground punk music playing a lot of live shows in various bands. Some of them were fun but most of them just smelled bad. I’ve long-since used up my tolerance for being around other underground music enthusiasts so ExDx has been a strictly “studio only” situation with me playing everything right from the start. After many productive years cranking out skull-smashing hits, I felt like the “Festering Future Endeavors” EP was impossible for me to top in terms of sick licks and general unpleasantness. Perfect place to call it quits! I even put a “death notice” on the record cover but no one actually noticed.

You’re incredibly talented and active! How many bands you play with? And what are your current projects?

Thanks! I do a fair job of faking it as long as no one pays close attention. I’ve completed several random one-off recordings in the last few years. The GAMMA-GERÄT “Obliteration Blues” demo tape turned out pretty nice. It’s got a familiar sound to some of my previous bands but it’s a bit faster and meaner. Maybe? I think so. ERECTILE DEMENTIA is totally dead but I’m currently playing drums in a band called SPASTIC AMOEBAS. The guitarist was in RUPTURE and the singer was in SOCKEYE. Loads of fun and the other members of the band are brilliant freaks! It’s even less commercially-viable than ERECTILE DEMENTIA and also way more interesting. A real mutant rock powerhouse!

What should we need to know about Backwoods Butcher Records?

It’s just a goofy name I made up to put on all of my own self-released music over the years. Not a “real” record label in that I only put out my own stuff. “Do It Yourself” and all that jive, you know? I just released the latest from SPASTIC AMOEBAS called “Spastic Apocalypse” but don’t really have much else planned for the future. I’ve been spending a lot more time out in the actual woods this year.

I can’t help but notice your love for other non-extreme music. Please give us some light on your five best non-extreme albums?

Not exactly sure what counts and what doesn’t count as being extreme? Very good question! Just how extreme is yet another cookie-cutter blob of super ultra-sick gore grind or sterile third-rate “old school” death metal at this point? Some of that clone stuff is about as extreme as jerking off to memes on social media. My five favorite records that will have absolutely zero appeal to anyone reading this would be ROY HARPER “Stormcock”, HERBIE HANCOCK “Thrust”, TERRY REID “Seed of Memory”, SANDY DENNY “The North Star Grassman and the Ravens” and THE JAMES GANG “Rides Again”. Be sure to look those gems up online for maximum disappointment, kids! Depending on the current lunar phase, my pick for greatest album of all time is either PARLIAMENT “Mothership Connection” or DEEP PURPLE “In Rock”.

The worst and the best recording you ever made? Go!

Avoiding the temptation to say the latest SPASTIC AMOEBAS is the best, I’ll go with a demo that I played guitar on a few years back called RARE FORM. Super-solid heavy weird rock. The best? That’s totally relative to personal taste so let’s just say it’s my favorite. Worst? Maybe some of the earliest recordings I did with HELLNATION. There are too many “worsts” to remember but I still enjoyed making most of it at the time!

Where did you get all this humor for your songs? Almost all of them have a nice portion of cheerful and positive energy! So what is your secret mister?

It’s more a case of smiling through gritted teeth, you know? Any half-witted dipshit can barf up phony nihilism. I can totally empathize with the “fuck you” sentiment but I think most of that stuff is just insincere bullshit made by thin-skinned wimps projecting a stupid image. Social butterflies doing a grindcore version of paint-by-numbers! I find it more fun to have a laugh and make some ignorant jokes while simultaneously using black magic to curse your enemies without them being aware of it. My secret is being an authentic grump old asshole. Try it for yourself, folks! A few catchy riffs and fruity synth bits now and again never hurt either. Don’t give in to cliché template-core!

Let’s talk about the beard. How many years does it take to grow such a wonderful beard? What shampoo do you use?

The key is soaking your beard in cheap beer and human blood. Drinking any of that yuppie IPA shit will make an actual clown wig grow out of your scalp! But talking about beards isn’t very exciting, is it? The only topics I can think of that could be more boring would include tattoos, motorcycles, children, the good old days, “the true meaning of power violence” and Christianity!

I bet you heard a lot of modern noisecore bands. Maybe there are some of them that you want to highlight?

I’m really out of touch these days. The latest newer stuff I’ve been listening to is NEKRO DRUNKZ “Terminal Perversion”, NAUSEATING REPUGNANCE demo, SEWAGE GRINDER “Trash” EP, SERPENTS ANUS demo, FOSSIL FUEL split 7” EP with TOUGHSKINS and the LEPROPHILIAC “Necrosis” CD recently out on Rescued From Life Records. All top quality stuff that has been repeatedly crushing my dick in the past few months! Or years? Keeping track of time gets confusing these days.

There’s a rumor that the best moonshine is done in Kentucky, is that true?

I think most of it comes from Tennessee. Here in Kentucky, we’re more well-known for bourbon whiskey, horse racing and racism.

Thank you so much for this talk! The last words are yours buddy!

Thank you, amigo! If anyone wants to get in touch, try to think of something better to do with your time. Peace, love and kill all the fucking Christians right now. Take care!

Contacts: Backwoods Butcher Records

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